How Much Money Can You Make As An Affiliate?

The ultimate answer is… the sky is the limit! But before you can get rich through affiliate marketing you need to learn how affiliate marketing works. Affiliate marketing involves the act of marketing (online) other people’s products and/or services for a commission. The affiliate marketer is responsible for finding interested potential customers and sending them to the sales pages of the vendor who is making the offer of a product or service to the online customer. If and when that potential customer buys what the vendor has to offer, the affiliate is then paid a commission for the sale.

In the internet age of today, affiliate marketing continues to increase in prominence. The practice gained popularity when Amazon created an affiliate marketing program that allows websites and bloggers to put links to the Amazon products page for a particular product the affiliate may have been reviewing or sending online traffic to.

Unlike the belief of some people, it is very possible to make good money from affiliate marketing. There are five earning brackets for affiliates:

  1. Affiliate Apprentice: This set of people lack focus and have a strong tendency to jump from one niche and approach to another. They aren’t making money as an affiliate but rather, losing money due to chasing the next shiny object and never making any real progress.
  2. Low-Level Affiliate: This set of people focus mainly on pockets of small profit on the internet all the while ignoring economies of scale. They have their eyes fixed on low end campaigns with small and volatile traffic sources. These types of affiliates usually make between 0$ a day and $300 a day.
  3. Intermediate Affiliate: This is the average set. Where most of the affiliate marketers today exist. They focus mainly on formula that includes medium quality/high volume traffic and smaller margins. They are basically a slightly more advanced version of the beginner affiliate. The challenge they face is that they all typically “fish” in the same niches (ponds) online looking to sell their offers to the same crowds thus watering down the profits each can make. It would be better if more affiliates spread out to many different niches online rather than remain clustered in just a select few overcrowded ones. If successful, they usually make between $300 a day to upwards of $2,000 a day.
  4. High-Level Affiliate: Affiliates in this bracket focus mostly on the mass market media purchases and hugely adaptably scalable traffic sources. They sometimes trade convenience (self-serve traffic sources) for direct purchases with better margins and all of the well. In this, a higher risk rate is required and so is a higher capital. They usually make between $3000 – $5,000 + per day on average.
  5. The ‘SUPER’ Affiliate: These are the big dogs. They can earn upwards of $10,000 a day or more. A super affiliate is a “PRO.” They have the experience and power to drive huge amounts of “buyer” traffic to whatever offer they choose…which is often the one that will pay them the most money in return.

So, when asked the question: “How much money can an affiliate make?” The correct answer is like many business opportunities… it depends on many factors but if you get very good at it…. You can make more than most doctors, lawyers or even the President of the United States.

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