How To Do Affiliate Marketing Step By Step

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Affiliate marketing is a kind of internet marketing whereby the “affiliate” (online marketer) is paid for every click and/or purchase made through the affiliate link. (provided by the “seller” or “vendor”) In order to succeed in affiliate marketing, you need to know exactly what your niche market needs, research the best way to promote products to them online and what marketing styles work and which do not. Here is an introductory step-by-step process to start down the path to online affiliate marketing.


Affiliate Marketing Free Video Training

  1. Choose a niche: This is the most pivotal part of affiliate marketing. It is always better to have a focused “niche” that you can research and market to instead of trying to advertise to everyone all at the same time and hoping someone randomly buys something form your affiliate links. Often times its best practice to find a niche online that you are passionate about, a hobby perhaps, and find products you can become an affiliate for that service that particular niche.
  2. Choose the right brand: The brand of your affiliate product can make or break you in this business. If you choose a service or product from a very reputable brand, you can feel secure in knowing that It is very likely a high quality product or service that is being delivered and thus your customer will be pleased with their purchase. Choose the wrong brand and you will very likely make sales then have to give all your profits back as unhappy customers request refunds due to the poor quality of the product or service they purchased from you. This can also ruin your reputation so be careful. Hence, before you advertise any product and/or service, conduct an extensive research on the product and the company itself to ensure they are credible, positive and not substandard because if you market a bad or questionable product, you are at risk of losing your audience.
  3. Adopt various traffic sources: Most affiliate marketers make the mistake of putting the products they want to advertise only on their sites. This is not a completely terrible approach but advertising on other platforms for free or a fee is a means to create even more traffic. Apart from your website, you should also consider using other marketing strategies like ads partners, social media marketing, and other interment marketing platforms that would bring converting customers to your website. These platforms are a very worthy investment compared to what you earn from sending a converting client to your affiliate links.
  4. Use Email marketing: The use of Emails in advertising affiliate products is yet another approach to attract traffic to your blog. When you get a visitor, influence them to subscribe to your site’s mailing list & connect with them through emails. Keep the messages short, useful and attractive with the use of infectious headlines to make sure your emails do not go unnoticed.
  5. Make Affiliate links easy: Affiliate links are usually long, revolting and difficult to remember so try to use some online services to make shorter and easier to remember URLs for your affiliate links. Remember to keep them attractive and easy to remember.
  6. Use Personal Branding: Using your personal data and brand to market a product and/or service is a very smart way to go about affiliate marketing. This is because, with your personal brand, people can get some sort of connection with you and trust you a lot more than they would trust a business brand.
  7. Use hyperlinks: For every time you specify the name of the item in your article or anywhere on your site, make it a hyperlink to the product. The odds of people clicking on the link this way is greatly increased. Remember that more clicks equate to more deals which mean more commissions.
  8. Give sincere and honest reviews: Your reviews must always be truthful, sincere and honest and so, they must be on products you have used and are happy with. Giving false and misleading reviews to promote products would not be a brilliant idea if you want to grow in the long run. No customer will return or refer anyone to return if they discover your reviews to be lies.Minimum withdrawal amounts: You can’t withdraw less than $20 out of an ATM and if it is not your bank then you will pay a $2.50 to $6 fee to take the money out with trademark bidding.

Affiliate Marketing Free Video Training

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