How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

Contrary to popular opinion, affiliate marketing is very much still alive and frankly quite lucrative. Today, one of the most powerful platforms for affiliate marketing is Instagram. Let’s face facts, more and more individuals and brands are realizing the power of Instagram and are waking up to the fact that it is the perfect place for affiliate marketing. Why do you think Facebook bought Instagram a few years ago? It’s because they saw the growing popularity by users and more importantly the way the users shared content with each other and thus they saw the huge opportunity for social reach. This in turn attracted the affiliate marketers.

Today, practically everyone has either been on or is a user of Instagram…. old and young – from different parts of the world. Hence, Instagram is the perfect platform to reach a large audience and it makes for a perfect advertising site as it allows people to follow, interact, comment and share with each other easily. So, how do go about using Instagram to make money with affiliate marketing?

  1. Share things on your personal page: Sharing via your person page is as easy as posting an image and letting the image do the talking for you. People who follow your page can comment and share what you have put up. This type of imagery can go viral and attract a lot of eyeballs (traffic) to your Instagram page.
  2. Start a “Themed” Business page: In this case you would simply start a business Instagram page which is not centered around you personally but around a specific niche or “theme.” For example, one could start a page dedicated to travel. This page would feature all the different amazing locations one could visit and provide incredible images of each destination which would likely be shared with many others who have similar hobby interests. This again creates eyeballs or “targeted traffic” to your posts/page and here you can send them to a link which promotes your product.
  3. Use Instagram Ads: If done properly, Instagram ads can really increase your online visibility as well as your sales. Combine these ads with unique imagery and products and watch it blow up your traffic to your Instagram page and affiliate links. Remember that humans are naturally visual creatures when making your ads – make them eye-catching and engaging to attract people to your page and to encourage them to share what they see.
  4. Tap an influencer’s fan base: Whenever an influencer posts a similar post to your affiliate products, comment a quick review or excerpt from an article and insert your affiliate link. With a little luck, you’ll become among the top comments and all the people viewing that post will see your comment. Using/leveraging known influencers is the fastest way to get your message out to the masses if you can attract the type of influencers who will want to work with you. Often, these influencers will offer a pay per offer type arrangement where you can pay them to send your offer to their followers.

If you think Instagram is where you want to grow your brand and expand your follower base, here is a proven system that has shown many affiliates how to succeed on Instagram: