How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Affiliate marketing, one of the top ways to make money online, is the process of earning a commission for promoting affiliate products and services. For every visit and purchase through an affiliate link, the affiliate marketer gets paid a specific commission. It is very easy and doesn’t even require a website to begin. Here are some ways you too can start making money via affiliate marketing without running a website:

  1. Facebook: Facebook is one of the top social networks today with almost everyone – old and young – using it, thereby making it a perfect platform for affiliate marketing. Create a Facebook business page or group for your niche and use it to promote your affiliate links. Try to write small articles to go with your affiliate links and videos or pictures to draw the people in.
  2. YouTube: At some point, everyone with access to the internet has visited YouTube and this simply means you get a lot of traffic from the platform. Think writing is not your forte? Consider creating a YouTube channel and talking about topics of interest and answering questions related to that topic. Remember to show your face, provide genuine solutions and advice and always place values ahead of financial gain. Providing product reviews is another way to earn affiliate sales with YouTube naturally. People like to get reviews before purchasing a product. A great example is a weight loss product. You can speak about personal challenges and success stories with that product. Since this is a video, remember to attach your affiliate link in the description box.
  3. Blogs and Forums: With this, you have to establish a trustworthy relationship between you and your audience where they see you as a credible source. To do this, provide continuous help and answer people’s questions. This way, more people are likely to view your profile where you must have already put your affiliate links.
  4. Ebooks: Although this takes more time to develop, having an ebook gives off an authoritative and trustworthy vibe that is very good for affiliate marketing. These days, more people like to read books. You can create an ebook on a topic and add as many affiliate links within the contents as you like. This is like blogging so always remember to write useful and helpful contents that get people interested in the products. Provide the affiliate product(s) as a solution to a problem in the ebook. For instance, if you are an affiliate for baby strollers, you can write a book on nursing mothers and provide the strollers like the twin stroller for twin babies.

Some people sell the books but giving them out for free achieve the best results as they reach more people. Remember the more helpful it is, the higher the chances of it being shared.

  1. Hubs: A hub is just like a mini website you talk about passionate topics; ie your affiliate market. Creating a hub is a great way of getting started as an affiliate marketer without having to create a website. A Hub allows you to build a page on a specific topic of your choice, insert ads, reviews and other content as you please, all without having to write any HTML. In addition, HubPages is a social-networking site and by ripple effect, you already begin to attract traffic to your topics.
  2. Instagram: Instagram has quickly become a central traffic source for many online affiliate marketers and brands. Why? Because of the visual,viral nature of Instagram. People form all over the world can come and visit pages dedicated to the exact things they are interested in and interact with people who 100% are interested in the same things. This makes Instagram a win- win platform for both followers and advertisers.

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